VDL Harley races to victory in Gelderland

Jun 12, 2011 - 09:48

It was only the second show after a breeding break for VDL Harley. Yet Jessica Kürten was able to race VDL Harley at full speed to victory in a tough 1.50 class at Outdoor Gelderland, beating the fast time of Albert Zoer and Sam.

"He is just brilliant", says Jessica Kürten in amazement over her horse. "He was out of competition for quite a while because there were so many breeders wanting him for their mares. So this is only his second show after the break. Yesterday we took it slow, but immediately he gave a superb feeling. And today, in the first round, the course was easy for him, so in the jump off I thought: why wait? So we didn't!"


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