New career for Dancing Queen

Feb 26, 2012 - 11:37

After a career as an international show jumper, that took more than ten years, Dancing Queen has been withdrawn from sport. The Corland-daughter will continue her life as a brood mare.

Dancing Queen has allways been a very carefull horse that was known to bring home ribbons very frequently. ICNN Drachten was one of her last events, she placed 7th in a 1.40 m class.

Dancing Queen has been extremely successful for her rider Julia Kayser, who now rides the KWPN approved Alicante HBC as a worthy substitute. Dancing Queen lives at HBC in Boyl now, with Margaret Schep. She will be trained down and prepared for a life as a brood mare. Meanwhile the Schep family contemplates on the choice for Dancing Queens partner in breeding.

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