NA based Bosch Blue approved for KWPN breeding

Oct 15, 2012 - 14:07

For the first time in the history of the KWPN an North American based stallion was fully approved for the whole KWPN population. It was Cantos’ son Bosch Blue who received this special honour.

Bosch Blue was bred by A. van de Broek from Lierop, The Netherlands and is owned by Bosch Farms LTD in Red Deer (Alberta) and HBC Stal in Boijl (The Netherlands). The 6 year old stallion from the dam line which produced the top jumpers and approved stallions Garmisch and Unaniem was trained at Rock Pointe Equestrian in Dewincton (Alberta). Training by Jim Ifko, in cooperation with Dutch rider and groom Nikkie Verdonschot, took 21 days. Bosch Blue was judged at several moments by Wim Versteeg and Toine Hoefs, Bart Henstra and Lana Sneddon and at the last occasion by KWPN selection committee president Arie Hamoen and Wim Versteeg.

The marks for Bosch Blue were:
Walk 7
Trot 7
Posture and balance 8
Galop 8,5 (x2)
Reflexes 8 (x2)
Technique 7 (x2)
Scope 7,5 (x2)
Rideability 7
Ability as a show jumper 7,5
Total: 76,5

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