Upper Star (s. Silverstone) wins Grand Prix Vilamoura

Feb 25, 2013 - 17:27

Upper Star, a young Silverstone, and Jerome Guery won the Grand Prix of Vilamoura in Portugal.

Curra River (s. Douglas) won 2 classes for 6-year olds with James Smith and they placed 2nd in another 6- year old class.

Wendeliena (s. Orame) and Trevor Breen won a 1.35m class against the clock and placed 3rd in another 1.35m class.

2nd 7- year old class: Curra Glas (s. Douglas), ridden by James Smith

6th 7- year old class: Bieralita (s. Indorado), ridden by Peter Bulthuis

9th 7- year old class: China Touch Hero (s. Chin Chin), ridden by Patricia Guery

4th 6- year old class against the clock: Cappuchino (s. Indoctro), ridden by Anouk Kort

10th 5- year old classes and 10th 5-jarigen year old class against the clock: Damary NB (s. Wittinger), ridden by Chloe Aston

9th 1.45m class: The Pugilist (s. Douglas), ridden by Jos Verlooy

3rd 1.30m class against the clock: Willem (s. Indorado), ridden by David Simpson

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