Any Given Sunday (s. Indoctro) 2ndin Wellington Derby

Feb 25, 2013 - 17:32

Any given Sunday (v. Indoctro) and Darragh Kenny placed 2nd in the Derby of Wellington during the 7th week of the WEF in Wellington, Florida.

There were more offspring of VDL stallions that jumped well:

11th Ruby and Violette rubriek and 4th 1.45m class: Vancouver DML (v. Pacific), ridden by Conor Swail

2nd 5-year old class: Diorado VDL (v. Indorado), ridden by Jill Prieto

4th 5-year old class: Defender JWB (v. Chin Chin), ridden by Mario Gamboa

10th 5-year old class: Dakota VDL (v. Casall), ridden by Jill Prieto

11th 5-year old class: Doman (v. Cardento), ridden by Victoria Birdsall

14th 5-year old class: Dakar VDL (v. Cardento), ridden by Jill Prieto

2nd 6-year old class: Carst VDL (v. Harley), ridden by Todd Minikus

5th 7-year old class: Bilion (v. Emilion), ridden by Jeffrey Welles

The Corland mare Alpha, who will be sold in the WEF Sporthorse Auction coming Friday made an impressive round in the 8-year old class with Candice King and placed 7th.

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