Good results in Vilamoura, Arezzo and Barbizon

Apr 8, 2013 - 21:54


Last weekend a lot of offspring of Team Nijhof stallions were succesfull at the international scene of Vilamoura, Arezzo and Barbizon.

Jurgen Stenfert did verywell with his Calvados-offspring Bucefalus (v.Calvados) by finished 1st and 3rd with the 7 year olds.

In the Grand Prix of Barbizon Margaux Bost finished in 9th place with Darlon van Groenhove (v.Clinton).

In Arezzo Yazmin Pinchin from England did very well with her talented Bandito (v. Verdi x Ekstein) by finishing in 2nd place.

Other high placings in Arezzo were for:

3e Antonio Alfonso (It) - Will Power R (v. Concorde x Burggraaf)

4e Juan Carlos Garcia - Delphinium del sola (v. Heartbreaker)

4e Matteo Zanaba - Oxer del Cetona (v. Voltaire)

5e Roberto Arioldi met Viper (v. Clinton x Goodwill).

In de Goldtour van Arezzo werd Antonio Alfonso 2e met Will Power (v.Concorde) en Elisabeth Fredlund 5e met Upperclass (v.Concorde) en Roberto Arioldi 9e met Viper (v.Clinton).

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