Corino VDL approved in Norway

Apr 9, 2013 - 17:45


This weekend our stallion Corino VDL (Corrado I - Quinar) received his approval for the Norwegian Studbook. The judges were very impressed by the 4- year old stallion and he received the following scores:

Jumping Capacity: 9
Canter: 8
Technique: 7.5
Test rider: 8.5 (Ride Ablility)

Also the stallion Azteca (Indoctro x Marlon), who got his approval last year, had to show one more time at the approvals and he is now permantly licensed in Norway, he recieved the following scores:
Capacity: 8
Canter: 7.5
Technique: 9
Test rider: 8 (Ride Ability)

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