Weekend results Göteborg/Antwerpen/Ebrechsdorf

Apr 29, 2013 - 17:46


This weekend a lot of offspring of Team Nijhof stallions were very succesfull at the international scene of Göteborg/Antwerpen and Ebreichsdorf. Congratulations to all riders, owers and breeders of these horses:


1. World Cup Winner: Simon and Beezie Madden (v. Mr. Blue).

2nd in 1.50 m. class Roger Yves Bost - Castle Forbes Vivaldo (v. Clinton).

5th in 1.50 m. class Christine Mc Rea - Wannick WH (v. Heartbreaker) and 11th in the 1.45 class.

9th Wilma Hellström - Billbreaker (v. Heartbreaker).


In the Grand Prix of Antwerpen Harrie Smolders finished 2nd with Emerald and Neriske Prinslo 6th with Bill Clinton (v. Clinton.

2nd Grant Wilson - Charisma V (v. Heartbreaker) in 1.40 m.

3rd Lauren Hough - Ohlala (v. Orlando) in 1.45 m. class.

4th Sam Hutton - Heidi du Ruisseau (v. heartbreaker)

6th Lauren Hough - Ohlala (v. Orlando), 1.50 m. class

7th Mike van Olst - Effect vd. Bisschop (v. Clinton) - 1.40 m. class

7th Anne Sopie Godart - Carlitto van 't Zorgvliet (v. Burggraaf)

8th Spencer Roe - Wonder why (v. Padinus)

10th Jessica Geurts - Storm (v. Heartbreaker) - 1.40 m. class.

Ebreichsdorf - Austria

1st Nuri Dijks - Mara Salvatrucha (v. Lord Z)

3rd Kamil Papousek - Dollar (v. Warrant)

4th Natalia Belova - Domburg (v. Heartbreaker)

6th Paul Freimüller - Valentino (v. Fuego du Prelet) in Diamant Touer

7th Kamil Papousek - Balladium (v. Heartbreaker)

7th Monika Daridova - Cotton Candy T (v. Heartbreaker) in large vip tour.

8th Keith Shore - Stranger (v. Calvados) in Diamant Tour.

8th and 9th jeannette Corbeek - Carandache (v. Verdi).


7th Anouschka Zewe - VIP (v. heartbrekaer) in Grannd Prix.

1st Maximillian Schmid - Lord's Guy (v. Lord Z) in 1.45 m class

3rd Melanie Buchner - Zilton (v. Clinton)

4th Laura Lehrer - Ulster van 't Heike (v. Burggraaf).

Barbast - France

4th Nils Candon - Canasta Z (v. Canabis Z) in 1.45 m. class

5th Mathieu Noirot - Otello du Grasset (v. Clinton) in 1.45 m. class.


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