Flying Saucer das Umburanas (s. Indoctro) 2nd in GP Mantes la Jolie

May 21, 2013 - 17:36

Flying Saucer das Umburanas (Indoctro x Furioso's Son) and Lisa Nooren placed 2nd in the Grand Prix of Mantes la Jolie in France.

More offspring of VDL stallions placed as follows:

5th and 9th 6-year old classes: Tosca de l’Esques (Cardento x Apache d’Adriers), ridden by Maxime Couderc

twice 8th 6- year old classes: C’Est La Vie (Douglas x Darwin), ridden by Inge Carton

2nd and 3rd 7- year old classes: Aagje de Bioagrico (Corland x Landwind II), ridden by Frederik Cattebeke

5th 7- year old class: Jartrum (Orame x Acobat I), ridden by Gustavo Arroyo

7th 7- year old classes: Chin Kiss de Ruisseau (Chin Chin x Randel Z)

10th 1.35m class: Zorro H (Indoctro x Corland), ridden by Marine Bouton 6

th 1.30m class: Rafale d’Hallobeau (Indoctro x Milou De Subligny*Hn), ridden by Guilleaume Foutrier

8th 1.30m class: Bardesther (Cardento x Guidam), ridden by Lisa Nooren

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