Pimlico (s. Cardento) in winning team Nations Cup Moscow

Jun 5, 2013 - 14:43

Wacantos(Cantos x Nimmerdor) and Yegor Morotski placed 5th in the Grand Prix of Moscow.

Pimlico (Cardento x Premier Violon) and Anna Gromzina won with the Russische team the Nations Cup in Moskow. Wacantos and Yegor Morotski placed 3e with the Bellarus team in the Nations Cup.

More international results:

CSI 2* Reims, France

Wait and See (Cantos x Burggraaf) and Federico Francia placed 3rd in the Grand Prix of Reims in France.

Angelotti (Indoctro x Laval II) and Bronuslav Chudyba placed 2nd in a 1.30m class against the clock.

CSI 2* La Boissiere, France

Vlorien, the young Orame mare and Fidel Segovia won two 1.35m classes against the clock in La Boissiere in France.

Vatson Sitte (Cardento x Chellano Z) and Jerome Navet placed 9th in another 1.35m classe against the clock.



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