Email Chin (s. Chin Chin) and Roi de Forets (s. Indoctro) 4th in GP’s France

Jul 16, 2013 - 11:27


Email Chin (Chin Chin x Narcos II) and Alexandre Sueur placed 4th in the Grand Prix of Genainville in France.


Roi des Forets (Indoctro x Voltaire) and Bruno Jazede placed 4th in the Grand Prix of Blaye in France.

U-Cantis (Cantos x Cassini I) won a 1.40m class with Aldrick Cheronnet.

Zindorado (Indorado x Goodwill) and Dag Keymolen placed 8th in the Derby against the clock and Clonross Mistral (Douglas x Sails Away), ridden by Lucinda Roche placed 8th in a 1.30m class.


CSI 3* Vichy, France

Nice Stephanie (Cardento x Ralmé Z), ridden by Penelope Leprevost, and Valle Blanche (Indoctro x Peter Pan), ridden by Morten Djupvik, placed respectively 14th and 15th in the Gran Prix of Vichy.

2nd 6- year old class: Cingdoctro (Indoctro x Hemmingway), ridden by Martin Corgne

4th 7-year old class: Harley (s. Harley), ridden by Pilar Lucrecia Cordon Muro

4th Six Bars class: Valle Blanche and Morton Djupvik

3rd 1.50m class against the clock: Caribo (Cardento x Athlet Z), ridden by Thomas Ryan

2nd 1.40m class: L’Idole du Gonge (Ahorn x Calice II), ridden by Florie Laure Etien


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