weekend results Chantilly/Münster/Hoofdorp/De Wolden

Jul 22, 2013 - 15:39


This weekend offspring of Team Nijhof stallions performed very well at Chantilly, Münster, Hoofddorp and De Wolden.


1st Aimee Aron - Baily V (v. Verdi x Lauriston) - 1.35 m.

2nd Roger Yves Bpst - Castle Forbes Vivaldo (v. Clinton) - 1.45 m.

4e in Global Champions Tour - Beerbam and Zinedine (v. Guidam x Heartbreaker)

9th in GCT - Jerome Hurel - Ohm de Pontual (v. Voltaire)

12th and 15th Aimee Aron - Baily (v. verdi) - 1.35 finals

8th and 12th Houtzater - Baccarat (v. Padinus) - 1.35 finals


2nd in Grand Prix Meredicth Michaels-Beerbaum - Unbelievable (v. Manhattan)

5th in Grand Prix Torben Köhlbrand - Dantede Joter (v. Clinton)

9th in Grand Prix Gert jan Bruggink - Primeval Dejavu (v. Heartbreaker)

2nd Daniel Deusser - Freestyler (v. Lord Z) 1.40 m.

5th Lauren Hough - Ohlala (v. Orlando) 1.50 m.

6th Robert Withaker - usa today (v. Heartbreaker) 1.50 m.

7th Johannes Ehing - Salvador V (v. Calvados) 1.50 m.


1st Emile tacken - Birgitta (v. Lord Z) - 1.35 m.

5th Ivo Biessen - Delta Mossel Upgrader (v. Heartbreaker) 1.35 m.

7th Karim El Zoghby - Zina (v. Padinus) - 1.35 m.

1st Emile Takcen - Birgitta (v. Lord Z x Concorde) 1. 35m.

7th Joy Lammers - Zabrina (v. Calvados) 1.35 m.

10th Franklin Posmus - So it Be (v Tadmus) - 1.45 cm

3rd Wallenberg (v. stakkato) - 1.35 m.

5th Ivo Biessen - upgrader - 1.35 m.

9th eaile Tacken Birgitta (v. Lord Z x Concorde)

10th Karim El Zoghby (v. Padinus) - 1.35 m.

9th Rikke Belinda Barkev - Ohlala (v. Orlando) 1.45 m.

De Wolden

2nd Robert Vos - Sputnnik vt (v. Manhattan) - youngster cup

3rd Mohammed A - Withaker (v. Clinton) Bigtour

4th Catherine pasmore - Bibisijgje (v Verdi) - final youngsters

Congratulations to all. www.team-nijhof.com

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