Fresia van Dahlia VDL Champion CK Friesland

Jul 22, 2013 - 16:30


It was a special day thursday for the VDL Stud at the Provincial mareshow of Friesland. The VDL Stud took home 3 Championsribbons and 2 of these ribbons were won by daughters of the legendary Nimmerdor.


Jumpingbred foals

For the finals of the jumpingbred foals 13 foals were selected and all these foals were descending from a VDL Stallion!

Champion became Idana VDL (Harley x Chin Chin) and reserve Champion was Indence VDL (Zirocco Blue x Indoctro), both filly's owned by VDL Stud.

The results in this class continued with:

3rd: Illinois (Baltic x Orame), owner: G. Zwartjens, Steggerda

4th: Inemina (Harley x Orame), owner: stal Falkena-Olff, Harich

5th: Iwanho KT (Zirocco Blue x Pacific), owner: R. Kiestra, Terzool

6th: Ironmaster VDL (Arezzo x Emilion), owner: VDL Stud 7th: Isla Bonita (Douglas x Indorado),owner: J. en G. Hiemstra, Dronrijp

8th : Il Divo (Everglade x Goodwill), owner: S. Kuperus, Beetsterzwaag

9th : Imposant D (Baltic x Corland), owner: C. Dijkstra-Lycklama a Nijeholt, Oranjewoud

10th: Inzell (Modesto x Chin Chin), owner: S. van der Meer, Surhuisterveen

11th: Indentolena VDL (Cardento x Chin Chin), owner: VDL Stud

12th: Idersinaa (Bubalu x Colman), owner: S. van der Meer, Surhuisterveen

13th: Iejoorsinaa (Indorado x Indoctro), owner: S. van der Meer, Surhuisterveen

The complete group got invited for the Dutch Foal Championship in August.

3-year old mares

Champion of the 3 year old mares was Fresia van Dahlia VDL (Nimmerdor x Chin Chin). This elegant mare already convinced during the studbookinspections by scoring 90 points for type and 85 points for freejumping. Yesterday at the Provincial mareshow she did what was expected and was honored as the Champion.

The results followed with the following mares

2nd: Fancy Roos VDL (Baltic x Goodtimes), owner: VDL Stud

3rd: Fresia van Olivia VDL (Cardento x Nimmerdor), eigenaar: VDL Stud

5th: Fryolaris (Indoctro x Guidam), owner: M.A. Hijlkema and H. B. Dirksen, Tirns

6th: Fastday VDL (Quaprice Z x Harley), owner: VDL Stud 7th: Faizemieka (Zirocco Blue VDL x Darco), owner: A. Moore, Canada

10th: Foxy (Chello III x Ahorn), owner: J. Wassenaar, Deinum

All these mares were invited for the KWPN National Mare Championships in August.


2-year old mares

Champion of the 2 year old mares became Gracia van Dahlia VDL (Nimmerdor x Chin Chin), a full sister of Fresia van Dahlia VDL.

And then there were the following placings in this class

2nd: Golivia VDL (Cardento x Silverstone), owner: VDL Stud 3rd: Gersina VDL (Indorado x Corland), owner: VDL Stud 4th: Garisma K (Arezzo VDL x Cor de la Bryere), owner: B.O. Kamminga, Augustinusga

5th: Ginderella (Indoctro x Caretino), owner: VDL Stud & A. van Ittersum, Winsum VDL Stud


Congratulations to the breeders/owners! 


@picture: Gracia van Dahlia (left) and Fresia van Dahlia (right)


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