Zamira (s. Zirocco Blue) 2nd at 5-year olds Z-Festival Zangersheide

Jul 25, 2013 - 11:04

Zamira (Zirocco Blue x Iroko) and Leon Kuipers placed 2nd in the 5-year old jumpers class at the Z-Festival of Zangersheide in Belgium. Zamira is bred by P. Bastiaansen. Caveman of Two Notes Z ( Cardento x Corland), ridden by Patrik Spits, won the competition on sunday and in the ranking he placed 11th and is bred by T. Huys. Exit of Ice Z (Emilion x Tornado), ridden by Patrick Scheirs, placed 13th, Exit of Ice Z is bred by W. Den Ambt.

In the class for 6-year old jumpers Chinlora Heldenlaan Z (Chin Chin x Lord Z), ridden by Benny Naessens, placed 5th, Chinlora Heldenlaan Z is bred by D. Cesteleyn.

Bro for Fun Z (s. Baltic VDL), bred by comb. Brinkman-Lodewijks, placed 2nd in the Colts class and Zenith PP Z (s. Zirocco Blue), bred by Pieraets-Pacque VOF), placed 4th.

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