Weekend results: De Wolden/Ascona/Dinard/La Coruna/Bonheiden/Kessel

Jul 29, 2013 - 14:17


Weekend Results: De Wolden/Ascona/Dinard/La Coruna/Bonheiden/Kessel

Offspring of Team Nijhof-stallions were very successfull at the international scene last weekend. Here is a list of their achievements:

De Wolden-Zuidwolde

Big Tour:

4th Hanno Ellermann - Zacharov TN (v. Clinton x Lord Z)

6th Daan van Geel – Zoe (v. Heartbreaker)

8th Bert Jan Zuidema – UB40 (v. Voltaire)

9th Sopie Dalm – Vaillant (v. Heartbreaker x Pilot)

14th Hanno Ellermann - Eldorado van de Zeshoek (v. Clinton x Toulon)

Small Tour:

3rd Nicole Botma – Cottica (v. Verdi x Wolfgang)

4th Bert jan Zuidema – Cher (v. Clinton x Calvados)

4th Bart Clarijs – Elagance (v. Orlando)

8th Nicole Botma – Cottica (v. Verdi x Wolfgang)

Medium Tour:

3rd Annet Willems-Vos – Nirvana (v. Concorde)

6th Sophie Dalm – Unique (v. Concorde x Burggraaf)

8th Bert Jan Zuidema – Cher V (v. Clinton x Calvados)

13th Breitling LS – Beezie Madden

Youngster Tour :

9th Jeannette Corbeek – Carandache (v. Verdi x Quitto de Baussy)

13th Wout-Jan van der Schans – Caapverdi (v. Verdi x Haarlem)


4th Henk Jan Schuttert – Una Bella (v. Calvados) – 4th in 1.50 m. class

4th Annica Züger - Bille 21 (v. Burggraaf) – 4th in 1.40 m. class

3rd Jacopo Bernasconi – Wionne (v. Padinus x Calvados) 3rd in 1.20 m.

3rd Henk Jan Schuttert – Colord Hs (v. Lord Z x Ramiro) 3rd in 1.35 youngsters

4th Daniel Hetter – rdc Atletico (v. Calvados) 4th in top 10-final 1.50 m. class

7th Annica Züger – Bille 21 (v. Burggraaf) – 1.45 class.

9th Melanie Freimüller – Believe (v. Padinus) – 9th in final youngsters

12th H.J. Schuttert – Colord hs – (v. Lord Z) 12th in final youngsters

3rd Annica Züger – Bille 21 (v. Burggraaf) in 1.40 class

8th Hamad Al Attiyah – Withaker (v. Clinton) in 1.40 class


1st Arnaud Bourdois – Lorette hdz (v. Larino) in 7 year old youngsters

1st Amy Graham – Gordon vd Riloo (v. Lord) in 7 year old youngsters

2nd Rodrigo Peassoa – Citizenguard Cadjanine Z (v. Canabis Z) in 1.50 m.

3rd Steven Whitaker – Avant Royal Rose (v. Calvados) in 1.45 m. class

9th Al Shalan Prince Faisal – Talan (v. Concorde) in 1.60 m grand prix

16th Henri Kovacs – Carolus Z (v. Canabis Z) in 1.50 m. clear round

1st Axelle lagonbie – Rubelia(v. Burggraaf) in 135m .class

8th Henri Kovacs – Carolus Z (v. Canabis) in 1.45 m. class

7th Anciaume Timothee – Hilton Z (v. Clinton) in 1.35 m. class

La Coruna – Italy

1st Lauren Hough – Ohlala (v. Orlando) in 1.50 m. class

5th Robert Whitaker – USA Today (v. heartbreaker) in 1.50 m. class

1st Laura Renwick – Beluga (v. Heartbreaker) in 1.35 m. class

2nd Emanuele Gaudiano – Admora (v. Padinus) in 1.50 m. class

7th Robert Whitaker – USA-today (v. Heartbreaker) in 1.50 m. class

8th Santiago Munez Riva – Vidar (v. Concorde) in 1.45 m. class


1st Jorien Lievens – Electra v.d. Dwerse hagen (v. Heartbreaker) in .140 m. class

3rd Fabienne Duigneux – Bamiro (v. Heartbreaker) in 1.40 m. class

4th Marlon Zanotelli – Anthony (v. Tadmus) in 1.40 m. class


1st Olivier Philippaerts – Esprit v.d. Wellington (v. Orlando) – 8 year olds

3rd Petronella Andersson – Unanes (v. Heartbreaker) – 8 year olds

5th Jelmer Hoekstra – Amber – (v. Voltaire) – 8 year olds

8th Leon Thijssen – Anastacia T. (v. Manhattan) – 8 year olds.

5th Petronella Andersson – Unanes (v. Heartbreaker) – final Z-2 phases.

10th Niels tacken – Another Lady (v. Padinus) in 1.40 m. class.


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