Calvados-offspring 1st and 5th in Grand Prix Ranshofen

Sep 5, 2013 - 11:31


Ranshofen, In the Grand Prix for Juniors and Young riders in Ranshofen, two Calvados-offspring performed superb. Winner of the Grand Prix was Simone Buhofer and Wimona Z (v. Calvados) and in 5th place finished Sophie Koppelman and Zadkine (v. Calvados). Both ladies were very succesfull. Simone Buhofer won 3 classes in total and Sophie Koppelman finished in 4th and 9th place in two other classes with her Calvados offspring. Other high placed offspring of Team Nijhof stallions were:

2nd Gerdfried Puck - Wibo B (v. Cpbra) - 1.40 m.

3rd Pascal Brunner - Bricola (v. Lord Z) - 6 jarigen

6th Maximillian Schmid - Lord's Champ (v. Lord Z) - 6 jarigen

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