Great amount of Padinus-offspring succesfull

Sep 11, 2013 - 09:53


This weekend Harrie Smolders and Padinus offspring Bomara (see picture) won the finals for 6-7 year old horses at csi in Zandhoven. Also Chloe Aston and Amigo T )v. Padinus x Libero' won the 1.30 m in Arezzo. But this was not the only Padinus-offspring succesfull. Here is an incredible list with Padinus-offspring with high placings this weekend.

2nd Emanuele gaudiano – Admara (v. Padinus) 1.45 m. – Donbass-Oekraine

2nd Emanuale Gaudiano – Admara (v. Padinus) 1.50 m. with jump-off - Donbass

11th Ezequiel Daporte – Wrangler (v. Padinus) 1.45 m.- Arezzo

2nd Angelica Santomicola – Amber B (v. Padinus) 1.25 m. - Arezzo

9th Alvaro de Miranda – Ad Argos (v. Padinus) 1.40 m. 2 fases - Arezzo

3rd Angelica Santonicola – Amber B (v. Padinus) children grand prix - Arezzo

4th Great Brittain – Spencer Roe – Wonderwhy S (v. Padinus) 5 – 0 – nations cup Arezzo

13th Ezequiel Daponte – Wrangler (v. Padinus) – grand prix Arezzo

2nd Choe Aston – Amigo T (v. Padinus x Libero) – 130 m. 2 fases

2nd Angelica Santonicola – Amber B (v. Padinus) – csi-children grandprix

8th Harrie Smodlers – Bomar (v. Padinus) 6-7 jarigen - Zandhoven

14th Lauren Hester – Warinde (v. Padinus) clear in 1.40 m. – Zandhoven

1st Harrie Smolders – Bomar (v. Padinus x Murano) final 6-7 year olds-Zandhoven

1th Lauren Hester – Warinde (v. Padinus) – Grand Prix Zandhoven

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