Wingsofloma (s. Pacific) wins Grand Prix Jardy

Sep 24, 2013 - 10:57


Wingsofloma (Pacific x Animo) and Karim Habashi won the Grand Prix of Jardy in France. Warrior (Emilion x Renville) and Jerome Hurel placed 7th.

In a 1.40m class, Roi des Forets (Indoctro x Voltaire), ridden by Bruno Jazede, placed 5th. Amelia (s. Cantos) and Karim El Zoghby also placed 5th in a 1.40m class and Corlanda (Corland x Ramiro), ridden by Stephanie Hennequin, placed 7th. Toniki (Indoctro x Goodtimes) and Stephanie Brugman placed 4th in a 1.35m class.


CSI 2* Ajaccio, France

At the 2* show in Ajaccio Velex (Cantos x Animo) placed 3x with rider Gianleonardo Murruzzu: 4th 1.35m class, 4th 1.30m class against the clock and 5th 1.30m class.


CSI 2* Vienna, Austria

At the 2* jumping in Vienna, offspring of VDL Stud stallions placed as follows:

8th 1.45m class, 3rd and 9th 1.40m classes against the clock: Wodka Lime (Indorado x Ladalco), ridden by Alice Janout Ortner

10th 1.40m class against the clock: Zirano (Indoctro x Calvados), ridden by Danny van den Bosch

8th 1.30m class: VDL Wardorette (Indoctro x Casanova), ridden by Cloe Hymowitz


@picture: Warrior (v. Emilion)

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