Wallenberg and Heartbreaker offspring win in Vilamoura

Oct 4, 2013 - 13:59


At the international show of Vilamoura, the Wallenberg offspring, Diva Rosa, bred bij MFS won the class for 5 year old horses with Michael Hutchinson. The final of the 7 year olds was won by Harry Marshall and Bordeaux (v. Heartbreaker). 

Other offspring of Team Nijhof horses with high rankings were:

1st and 3rd - Michael Hutchinson- Diva Rosa (v. Wallenberg) (= on the picture)


2nd and 3rd Michael Hutchinson-Laith (v. Lord Z) 6 year olds.

1st and 3rd Harry Marshall - Bordeaux (v. Heartbreaker) - 7 year olds.


4th and 9th Gemma Plunley - TJ Lord Champ (v. Lord Z) - 5 year olds.

Congratulations to all. www.team-nijhof.com



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