VDL Champions in Mexico

Nov 28, 2013 - 10:46


There were great results for offspring of VDL Stallions at the Mexican Jumping Championships.

Zabriena (Tenerife x Gershwin) became, with her rider Leopoldina Castro, Mexican Champion of the Low Amateur riders. And with the horse Alexander (Indoctro x Nimmerdor) Castro placed 3rd in this same class. Both horses have been sold by the VDL Stud in the Cuba Auction of 2010 to Mexico. Both horses are bred in Holland; Zabriena is bred by J. Hogenberg from Westerbroek and Alexander is bred by J. Koops from Onnen.

Adatio S (Quite Easy x Natal) was Champion of the class Juvenil B with his rider Andres Gonzales. Adatio S is bred by the family Van Straaten from Den Ham and was sold to Mexico by the VDL Stud in the Cuba auction of 2011.

Diorweis VDL(Indoctro x Indorado) was honored as Champion of the Young jumpers of Mexico with his rider Hector Ortiz. Diorweis VDL is bred by the VDL Stud and was sold as a young horse to Mexico.


@picture: Zabriena

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