Cornetto (s. Cardento) wins Grand Prix Manerbio

Dec 4, 2013 - 15:17

Cornetto (Cardento x Robin I) and Alberto Carrara have won the Grand Prix of Manerbio. Galan S (Indoctro x Calypso d’Herbiers), ridden by Giulia Martinengo Marquet placed 3rd in this Grand Prix.

Santos XL (Corland x Concorde), ridden by Estelle Wettstein, placed 4th and 7th in two 1.40m classes.


At the shows in Saint Lô and Ebreichsdorf offspring of VDL Stud also participated and placed as follows:

CSI 2* Saint Lô, France
7th 1.40m class against the clock: Zafir (Orame x Marlon), ridden by Jerome Hurel
2nd 1.35m class against the clock: Unchingo d’Esquelmes (Chin Chin x Ceres d’Esquelmes), ridden by Robert Breul
4th 1.30m rubriek: Suma’s Zorro (Douglas x Horos), ridden by Sameh El Dahan
7th 1.30m rubriek: Udoctro (Indoctro x Wolfgang), ridden by Tom Vernon
6th 1.30m class against the clock: Ahosveros (Silverstone x Concorde), ridden by Nadine Traber


CSI 2* Ebreichsdorf, Austria
10th 1.45m class against the clock: Wodka Lime (Indorado x Ladalco), ridden by Alice Janout Ortner
5th 1.40m class: Vitos (Cantos x Calvados), ridden by Vincent Geerink
Twice 3rd 1.30m classes: Annabel (Cantos x Nimmerdor), ridden by Vincent Geerink
4th 1.30m class: Fly With Me (Douglas x Master Imp XX), ridden by Adrian Schmid

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