Carneyhaugh Manx (s. Douglas) 5th 1.45m Wellington

Jan 14, 2014 - 17:16


Carneyhaugh Manx (s. Douglas) has just moved to the stables of top rider Christine McCrea and the first results are there. They became 5th in a 1.45m class at the WEF in Wellington, Florida last week.


Waliba VDL (s. Quite Easy) and Danielle Goldstein have won the Battle of the Sexes and VDL Dogan (s. Chin Chin), ridden by Nicole Bellissimo, placed 3rd.


7th 7-year old class: Jus II (s. Navarone), ridden by Roberto Theran sr.
7th 1.40m class: Ziedento (s.Cardento), ridden by Ramiro Quintana
3rd 1.30m class: Tindorette (s. Indorado), ridden by Darragh Kenny
5th 1.30m class: Bendoctro (s. Indoctro), ridden by Thomas Cerra
6th 1.30m class: Bilion (s. Emilion), ridden by Jeffrey Welles
9th 1.30m class: VDL Dogan en Candice King
12th 1.30m class: Chin Quidam (s. Chin Chin), ridden by Darragh Kenny


@picture: Carneyhaugh Manx

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