Dunstan Springfield (s. Indoctro) wins Worldcup Qualifier in New Zealand

Jan 15, 2014 - 14:11


Dunstan Springfield (Indoctro x Distelfink) and Katie McVean have won the Worldcup Qualifier in New Zealand.

Showtym Cadet (Orame x Cordeur), ridden by Vicki Wilson, won the Grand Prix, Solano (Senator VDL x Dan Mellay), ridden by Glenn Beal, placed 2nd and Dunstan Simorena (Silverstone x Matterhorn), ridden by Katie McVean, placed 3rd.


Dunstan Carlo (Cantos x Wolfgang) and Mc Vean won the 7-year old class and Ngahiwi Summer (Emilion x Nikau), ridden by Kimberly Bird won the Junior Rider class.\


@picture: sire Indoctro

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