Gangster wins Offenburg and other top results team nijhof offspring

Feb 14, 2014 - 13:02


At the international class of Offenburg, the Baden Classics, the rider Daniel Deusser was very succesfull with Gangster de Longschamps (v. Orlando)by winning the 8 year olds.  Other good results were:

4th and 5th Janika Sprunger - Grand Cooper (v. Lord Z) - 7 year olds and 3rd in the finals for 7 year olds.

11th and 12th  Patrick Stühlmeijer - Caramba (v. Clinton) and 8th in the finals for 8 year old horses. 

11th and 12th Daniel Deusser - Halifax v/h Kluizebos (v. heartbreaker).

12th Andreas Kreuzer - Calvin (v. Canabis Z) - 1.40 m. 2 phases.

6th Lisa Huep - Wimbeldon (v. Roven xx) - 1.35 m.

2nd Leopold van Asten - Zidane (v. Heartbreaker) - 1.45 m.


11th Leopold van Asten - Zidane (v. Heartbreaker) - 1.40 m.

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