Darling HDH (s. Douglas) wins finals 6-year olds Neeroeteren

Feb 18, 2014 - 09:31


Darling HDH (s. Douglas) and Bianca Schoenmakers have won the finals for 6-year olds at the 2* jumping in Neeroeteren, Belgium. Dirk HDH (s. Douglas), also ridden by Schoenmakers, placed 2nd.

Ingliston Wicker (s. Silverstone) won a 1.30m class against the clock with Chloe Vranken.


5th 1.40m and 2nd 1.35m classes: Abbervail Amber (Douglas x Chairlift XX), ridden by Claudia Verburgt
6th 1.40m class: Burberry R (Pacific x Indoctro), ridden by Annelies Vorsselmans
2th, 7th 1.35m and 2nd 1.30m classes: Callaway (Cardento x Bamtung), ridden by Erika Lickhammer


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