Lord Z and Verdi offspring ex equo 1 in Valencia

Feb 25, 2014 - 16:46


At the international show of Olivia - Valencia in the young horse classes for young horses the following team Nijhof offspring did very well.

1e Baptiste Couperi - Virgo dc (verdi)

1e Franziska Zimmermann - Hayat Finezz (v. Lord Z)

8th Roger McCrea - Jazz'man de septor (v. Clinton)

7e Annet Willems - Nirvana (v. Concorde) in Gold Tour 1.45 .m.

7e Charlotte Healy - Zindine (v. Padinus x Concorde) - Gold Tour 1.40 m.

2 x 1st place Choe Aston - Amigo T (v. Padinus) - Gold Tour - 135 m.

6th Diane Bauer - Liberty (v. Lord z) 1.40 m. Bronze Tour.

1st Agathe Vacher - Kuchen Boy (v. Lord Z) in 1.30 m. Gold Tour

7th oda Roth - Milky Way (v. Heartbreaker) silvertour 1.30 m.

10th Ray Mackenzie Audrey (v. Lord Z) - silvertour 1.30 m.

3rd and 5th Charlotte healy - Zindine (v. Padinus x Concorde) 1.40 m. Gold Tour

7th Ray Mackenzie - Audrey (v. Lord Z) - 1.30 m. silver tour

5th Watson Abbie - Bregje (v. Padinus).



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