Bentley (by Cardento) wins Grand Prix springshow Lichtenvoorde

Mar 10, 2014 - 17:26


VDL offspring did very well this weekend at the Spring Show in Lichtenvoorde.

The 1.40m Grand Prix was won by Bentley (by Cardento) and his rider Bjorn Egberink.

Further placings in the Grand Prix were as follows:
2nd: Belina (by Indoctro) , ridden by Veronique Morsink
3rd: Zabelle-s (by Indoctro), ridden by Fred van Straaten
4th: Watch Me (by Sheraton), ridden by Gerbert te Koppele
9th: Aqua M (by Indoctro), ridden by Leontine Bruin
10th: Van Schijndel's Winston (by Cantos), ridden by Piet Raijmakers Jr.


The 1.20m class was won by Dakina II (by Indoctro), ridden by Veronique Morsink. Ex aequo placing 4th was Djoncorde (by Indoctro) with his rider Wim Olde Hampsink.


The 1.10m class was won by Champion du Sinaa (by Modesto), ridden by Renate Beuving and she placed 5th with Eikarlos B (by Zirocco Blue).


In the 1.30m class Cash Casper (by Quasimodo van de Molendreef) placed ex aequo 2nd with his rider Lars Kuster. Placing 5th was Jelmer Hoekstra with Amber (by Indoctro) and Caswittinger (by Wittinger VDL ), ridden by Chantal Leusink placed 6th.

In the 1.35m class Vevina ( Orame) placed 3rd, she was ridden by Edwin Klokman.


@picture: Bentley

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