Valentino Velvet (s. Indoctro) 8th in Grand Prix Braunschweig

Mar 12, 2014 - 13:23


Valentino Velvet (Indoctro x Burggraaf) and Simon Delestre placed 8th in the Grand Prix of Braunscheweig in Germany.

8th 7/8-year old class: Barista (s. Harley), ridden by Sjaak Sleiderink
6th 1.50m class: Chasmo (Chin Chin x Indoctro), ridden by Patrick Stuehlmeyer
2nd 1.45m class against the clock: Zorro (s. Emilion), ridden by Leopold van Asten


In several shows in Europe offspring of VDL Stud stallions placed in top 10’s here they are:


CSI 3* Vilamoura, Portugal
5th 6- year old class: Delvecchio (Zirocco Blue x Ahorn), ridden by Faye Schoch
2nd 1.50m class against the clock: Dougie Douglas (Douglas x High Roller), ridden by Holly Gillot
3rd 1.50m class against the clock: Zaire (Indoctro x Marlon), ridden by Guy Williams
7th 1.45m class against the clock: Why Indoctro (Indotro x Ramiro), ridden by Hassan Jabri
2nd 1.40m class: Wotherspoon (Indorado x Julio Mariner XX), ridden by Lara Whiteway
4th 1.40m class: Valencio (v. Corland), ridden by David Simpson
7th 1.40m class: Bardester (Cardento x Guidam), ridden by Lisa Nooren


CSI 2* Villeneuve Loubet, France
2nd and 4th 1.40m classes: Warrior (Emilion x Renville), ridden by Jerome Hurel
6th 1.40m class: Quemi Star (s. Emilion), ridden by Elodie Laborde
8th 1.40m and 6th 1.35m classes: Asha di San Patrignano (Indoctro x Westminster), ridden by Francesco Turturiello


CSI 2* Lublin, Poland
Arakorn (Cantos x Damiro B) and Lukasz Wasilewsji have won a 1.35m class at the show concours in Lublin. They also placed 4th in a 1.40m class against the clock.


@picture: Valentino Velvet

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