Sjoeke (v. Calvados) 2nd in grand prix Qatar and more top results.

Mar 18, 2014 - 16:19


A the international show of Quatar, the rider Awal Al Qahtani and Sjoeke (v. Calvados x Voltaire) finished 3rd inthe Grand Prix. 5th in the same Grand prix finished Abdul Rahman Al Saaq al Marill and Sidoline v.d. Centauer (v. Heartbraeker).

In the 6-star grand Prix Cassio Rivetti and Vivant (v. Fuego du Prelet) finished in 6th place.

At the 1.30 m. class with joker Awad al Quatani and Santos (v. Concorde) was 2nd and Khalid Sanal Al Muaini and Daydreaner (v. Orlando) finished in 5th place.

Ohter high place at the Doha Al Shaqab show in Qatar were:

2nd Awad Al Qahtani - Santos (v. Concorde) - 1.30 m.

2nd Abduhl Rahman Al Saaq Al Marril - Sjoeke (v. Calvados) - 1.45 m.

7th Khalid Sunad Al Nuaimi - Eclintop D (Clinton) - 1.45 m.

3rd Khalid Sanad Al Nuaimi - Daydreamer (v. Orlando) 1.30 m.

4th Haui Kamal Raji Bsharat - Unlimited T (v. Manhattan) -1.30 m.

6th Awad al Quatani - Santos (v. Concorde) - 1.30 m.

9th Abdul Rahman Al Saaq al Marill - Sidonline v.d. Centauer (v. Heartbreaker) . Congratulations to all.

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