Velvet (s. Indorado) and World Traveller (s. Indoctro) placed in Grand Prix Doha

Mar 18, 2014 - 16:24


Velvet (Indorado x Nimmerdor), ridden by Abdullah Braik Al Marri placed 6th and World Traveller (Indoctro x Ramiro Z), ridden by Mohammed Said Haidan, placed 7th in the Grand Prix of Doha in Qatar.

Velvet also placed 3rd and 8th in two 1.45m classes and World Traveller also placed 10th in a 1.45m class against the clock.

Beyonce (Corland x Indoctro), ridden by Mahammed Bassem Hassan, placed 7th and 8th in two 1.30m classes.


@picture: sire Indorado

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