Ursula XII (by Ahorn) nr. 1 at WBFSH rankings

Apr 8, 2014 - 17:01


Last week the new rankings of the WBFSH were published. The new nr. 1 on the WBFSH ranking for showjumpers is Scott Brash his tophorse Ursula XII (Ahorn x Pagageno). Ursula is bred by mrs. Mary Turnbull from Schotland.


In 2nd place there is another tophorse of Scott Brash and also an offspring of a VDL Stallion: Hello Sanctos (Quasimodo van de Molendreef x Nabab de Reve). Hello Sanctos is bred by mr. W. Taets from Belgium.


In place 6 we find a daughter of Cardento: Nice Stephanie (Cardento x Ralme Z). This mare is very succesfull with her rider Penelope Leprevost and she is bred by Mrs. Karin Engstrom & Mr. Stephen Israelson from Zweden.


In 12th place we find the topmare Silvana HDC (Corland x Widor). Now at the age of 15 she still is performing very well with her French rider Kevin Staut. Silvana HDC is bred by B.J. ter Denge from Holland.


@picture: Ursula XII

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