Galan S (s. Indoctro) 2nd in Grand Prix Gorla Minore

Apr 10, 2014 - 12:06


Galan S (Indoctro x Calypso d’Herbier) and Giulia Martinengo Marquet placed 2nd in the Grand Prix of Gorla Minore in Italy. Corjulana (Corland x Come On) eand Gianluca Palmizi placed 10th.

Ile d´Aveline (Indoctro x Reichsgraf), ridden by Evelyne Bussmann, werd 7e in een 1.40m rubriek op tijd en Jack La Motta (Corland x Goodtimes), ridden by Steffi Theiler, werd 6e in een 1.35m rubriek.



CSI 3* Arezzo, Italië
In Arezzo won Care for Love (Cardento x Quite Easy), ridden by Elin Uppling, een 6-jarigen rubriek en Fly With Me (Douglas x Master Imp XX) won een 1.35m rubriek met Adrian Schmid.

5th 6-year old class against the clock: Donjuan H (Zapatero x Animo), ridden by Marek Lewicky
4th 1.50m class: Matrix (s. Cardento), ridden by Josè Maria Larocca
4th 1.45m class: Centon (Cardento x Beach Boy), ridden by Frederique Lebon
10th 1.45m class Carpe Diem af Pan (s. Cardento), ridden by Anna Kellnerova
2nd and 5th 1.40m classes: Angelotti (Indoctro x Laval II), ridden by Bronlislav Chudyba
4th 1.40m class against the clock: Bardesther (Cardento x Guidam), ridden by Lisa Nooren
5th 1.40m class against the clock: Claudia (s. Cardento), ridden by Hanna Mytilineou Roberson
7th 1.40m class: Lunatic (Landlord x Utrillo), ridden by Jens Fredricson
9th 1.40m class: Watch Me (Cantos x Wolfgang), ridden by Michael van den Bosch
4th 1.35m class: Armani (Sheraton x Ahorn), ridden by Martin Haunhorst
4th and 5th 1.35m classes: Fly With Me and Adrian Schmid
4th 1.35m class: Ascot di San Patrignano (Corland x Grannus), ridden by Fernando Fourcade Lopez
5th and 7th 1.35m classes: Zorland (Corland x Indoctro), ridden by Joseph Clayton
7th 1.35m class: Vorieta (Indoctro x Concorde), ridden by Francesca Kolowrat-Krakovska
3rd 1.30m class: Corelis (Indoctro x Lasino), ridden by Giuseppe Della Chiesa
7th and 8th 1.30m classes: Iquitro (Indoctro x Quito de Baussy), ridden by Antonio Vitali


@picture: Corjulana

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