Alpha VDL (s. Corland) wins $50.000 HITS Grand Prix

May 27, 2014 - 15:04


Alpha VDL (Corland x Emilion) and Darragh Kenny won the $50.000 Grand Prix of HITS on the Hudson in the US. Imothep (Indoctro x Calvados), also ridden by Darragh Kenny, placed 3rd.


Imothep and Darragh Kenny also placed 5th in the Smart Pack Grand Prix, Brugal VDL (Indorado x Guidam), ridden by Jonathan McCrea, placed 10th.


Chapeau (Indoctro x Ramiro), ridden by Ronan McGuigan, won a 1.40m class, Chester VDL (Silverstone x Matterhorn), ridden by Amanda Flint, and Cardella (Cardento x Stanford), ridden by Todd Minikus, both won a 7/8-year old class.


More offspring of VDL Stud stallions placed as follows:

3rd 1.40m and 5th 7/8-year old classes: Chin Quidam VDL (Chin Chin x Quidam de Revel), ridden by Darragh Kenny

5th 1.40m class: Chester VDL and Amanda Flint

3rd 7/8- year old class: Cardella and Toss Minikus

4th 1.30m class: Chapeau (Indoctro x Ramiro), ridden by Ronan McGuigan

7th Amateur-Owner 1.30m class: VDL Zedaldine (v. Chin Chin), ridden by Catherine Wachtell

5th 6- year old class: Diorado VDL (Indorado x Corland), ridden by Tina DiLandri

2nd 1.20m class: VDL Zedaldine and Catherine Wachtell


@picture: Alpha VDL

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