VDL offspring win International Young Jumper classes

May 27, 2014 - 16:11


In Ebreichsdorf, Austria, Cappuccino (Indoctro x Sapajou) won a 7-year old class against the clock with amazon Anouk Kort.

Cas (Indoctro x Numero Uno) and Cameron Hanley won a 7- year old class at the Jumping in Hardenberg, the Netherlands.

Coco Rico (s. Corland) and Axel van Colen have won a 6/7-year old class against the clock at the jumping in Fontainebleau in France.


On the 3 shows, more offspring of VDL Stud stallions participated and you’ll find their results below:


CSI 3* Ebreichsdorf, Austria

Unique (Indoctro x Voltaire), ridden by Abdullah Al Sharbatly, won a 1.50m class and Ayrton IV (Cantos x Burggraaf), ridden by Julie Andrews, won a 1.45m class against the clock.

5th and 8th 6-year old classes: Dior (v. Zirocco Blue), ridden by Genko Genchev

8th 7-year old class against the clock: Nate del T. (v. Cardento), ridden by Caterina Verga

7th 1.45m class against the clock: Mister Mandingo (Marlon x Indoctro), ridden by Astrid Kneifel

8th 1.45m class against the clock: Arakorn (Cantos x Damiro B), ridden by Lukasz Wasilewski

9th 1.45m class: Wodka Lime (Indoctro x Ladalco), ridden by Alice Janout Ortner

6th 1.40m class: Tjambika (Indoctro x Wisconsin), ridden by Anouk Kort

8th 1.40m class: Ayrton IV and Julie Andrews

9th 1.40m class: Arakorn and Lukasz Wasilewski


CSI 3* Hardenberg, the Netherlands

Andretti S (Corland x Animo), ridden by Laura Kraut Kent, placed 7th in a 1.50m class,

Wizzerd TN (Indoctro x Corland), ridden by Marie Luetgenau, placed 2nd in a 1.45m class and Adventure RV (Indorado x Amethist), ridden by Conor Drain, placed 10th in a 1.40m class against the clock.


CSI 2* Fontainebleau, France

Tip Top de la Ronelle (Chin Chin x Adelfos), ridden by Nicolas Delmotte, placed 7th in a 6/7- year old class against the clock and Belitys de la Demi Lune (s. Indorado), ridden by Gaetan Decroix, placed 9th in a 1.35m class against the clock.

L´Idole du Gonge (s. Ahorn), ridden by Florie Laure Etien, placed 2nd and 7th in two 1.30m classes.


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