Clinton son 3rd in Grand Prix Beervelde and winning Grand Prix

Aug 21, 2014 - 11:09


In the Grand Prix of Beervelde Neriske Prinsloo finished 3rd with Effect v.d. Bischop (v. Clinton x landetto). They did also very well at this show by winning the Six Bar. Other succesfull team Nijhof offspring at Beervelde were:

1st and 2nd - 1.40 m Bart Claerijs - Caspar (Verdi x Ramiro)

7th Jos Verlooij - Golden Horta (v. Lord Z x For Pleasure) in 1.45 m.

2nd Nadege Janssen - Attilla v.d. schilderboshoeve (v. Clinton)

and in the 1.50 m. with jump off:'was 1st Lauren Hough with Ohlala (v. Orlando) and 2nd Alvaro Enrique Tejada Arri - Voltaral Palo Blanco (v. Voltaire) and 8th James Peterson Robinson with Boriss III (v. Burggraaf). Congratulatios to all.


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