Veyron (s.Indoctro) 5th in Grand Prix Samorin

Aug 26, 2014 - 10:52


Veyron (Indoctro x Jus de Pomme) and Niels Knape placed 5th in the Grand Prix of Samorin, Slowakia. They also placed 10th in a 1.50m class against the clock.


7th 1.45m class: Very Nice (Cantos x Candillo), ridden by Timothy Hendrix

5th 1.40 and 10th 1.35m classes against the clock: Bustique (Indoctro x Grannus), ridden by Michel Hendrix
6th 1.40m class against the clock: Cavendish (Cantos x Ulster), ridden by Niels Knape

4th 1.35m class against the clock: Bocelli (Indoctro x Lux), ridden by Guy Goosen

2nd and 3rd 5/6-year old classes: Donjo (Zirocco Blue x Hurikan), ridden by Juraj Hanulay jr.
4th 5/6-year old class: Dior (s. Zirocco Blue), ridden by Genko Genchev

4th 7-year old class against the clock: Chinny (s. Chin Chin), ridden by Jeroen Blomen

3rd Six Bars class: Songe de Toscane (Indoctro x Quick Star), ridden by Denis Lynch


@picture: Veyron


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