Gidonia VDP (s. Baltic VDL) scores 88 points at IBOP!

Sep 29, 2014 - 17:44

Gidonia VDP (Baltic VDL x Indorado) received saturday a topscore for her IBOP in Nieuw- en Sintjoosland.
She received four 9’s (scope, attitude, rideability and potential as ridinghorse) and two times an 8,5.
Gidonia VDP is bred by A. van der Poel-De Groot from Hendrik Ido Ambacht.


At the EPTM exam in Ermelo Geisha M (Zirocco Blue x Lux) received 80 points with a.o. an 8,5 for attitude and four times an 8 for reflexes, technique, scope and rideability.
Geisha M is bred by J.C. Mailly from Boijl.

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