Emilia Jolie JB (s. Emilion) 10th Worldcup Qualifier Tallinn

Oct 8, 2014 - 17:25


Emilia Jolie JB (Emilion x Pablo) and Girts Bricis placed 10th in de Worldcup Qualifier of Tallinn in Estonia. They also won a 1.45m class.


With Dynamique (Cardento x Emilion), Girts Bricis won a 1.25/1.30m class and the also placed 2nd and 6th in two 6/7-year old classes.


8th 1.35m class: Carlord (Landlord x Indoctro), ridden by Girts Bricis
9th 1.35m class against the clock: Gardento Prova (Cardento x Lux), ridden by Linda Randpere
3rd 1.25/1.30m class: Con Quick (Corland x Alasca), ridden by Andis Varna
4th and 7th 1.25/1.30m classes: Vacantos (Cantos x Climax), ridden by Kristi Luha
7th 1.25/1.30m class: Dylano M (Cantos x Ulster), ridden by Matas Petraitis


@picture: Emilia Jolie JB's sire Emilion


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