Beluga (v. Heartbreaker) wins in Vilamoura and more top results

Oct 14, 2014 - 11:09


A lot of offspring of Team Nijhof were very succuesfull in Vilamoura - Portugal. Beluga (v. Heartbreaker x Darnels won the international 1.35 m. class. Other top results were there for:

1e Camilla Mazza de Benedicto – Vrai Chique jvh Z (v. Verdi) – 5 year olds in first round and second round.
7e Camilla Mazza de Benedicto – Dee Jay (v. Clinton x Gershwin) – 6 year olds
3e Muno Tiago Gomez – hbr Tennesse w (v. Concorde) – 1.35 m.
1e Laura Renwick – Beluga (v. Heartbreaker) – 1.35 m.
12e Leon Thijssen – Bulavsco (v. Heartbreaker) 1. 35 m. (clear round)
8e Erika Lickhammer – Hermes sv (v. Orlando) – 1.40 m
© Jan Breukink
Voor Team Nijhof.

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