Touchable (s. Navarone) 10th in Grand Prix Saint Lô

Oct 27, 2014 - 17:09


Touchable (Navarone x Goodwill) and Claudia Gisler became 10th in the Grnd Prix of Saint Lô in France. They also placed 6th in a 1.45m class and 8th in a 1.35m class against the clock.
Valerie (Indoctro x Ahorn), ridden by Vanessa Mannix, placed 7th in a 1.40m class and 10th in a 1.35m class against the clock. Major de Coquerie (Ahorn x Jalisco B), ridden by Audrey Paris, jumped in the Six Bars class to a 7th place.


** CSI Oliva, Spain
In Oliva, Spanje, offspring of our stallions placed as follows:
U-Cantis (Cantos x Cassini I) and Aldrick Cheronnet won a 1.30m class against the clock and placed 2nd in another 1.30m class against the clock.

3rd 1.45m rubriek: Zagarhorn (Matterhorn x Wolfgang), ridden by Mark Armstrong
4th 1.45m class against the clock: Ascot di San Patrignano (Corland x Grannus), ridden by
Fernando Fourcade Lopez
5th 1.40m class: Irresistible Z (Indoctro x Quito de Baussy), ridden by Luis Cabanas Godino
6th 1.40m and 9th 1.35m classes: Belitys de la Demi Lune (Indorado x Jokinal de Bornival), ridden by Gaetan Decroix
8th 1.40m class against the clock: Zelly (Sheraton x Cavalier), ridden by Luis Cabanas Godino
8th and 9th 1.40m and 7th 1.35 classes: Bardesther (Cardento x Guidam), ridden by Lisa Nooren
9th 1.35m and 7th 1.30m classes: Leanorth Boom Boom (Douglas x Clover Hill), ridden by Michael Duffy


@picture: Belitys de la Demi Luna

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