Zilversprings (v. Silverstone) wins Grand Prix Calgary

Nov 4, 2014 - 10:55

Zilversprings DML (Silverstone x Emilion) and Elizabeth Gingras have won the Grand Prix of Calgary. Terrific (Marlon x Lux), ridden by John Anderson, placed 2nd.


Zilversprings DML and Elizabeth Gingras also won a 1.45m class. Terrific placed 3rd and Bolero (Carolus II x Bal Pare), ridden by Jill Henselwood, placed 5th in a 1.45m class.


Dento (Cardento x Concorde), ridden by Femke van den Bosch, became 2nd and 7th in 6-year old classes.


E Unanime de la Haie (s. Corland) 5th in Grand Prix Thermal
E Unanime de la Haie (Corland x Ramiro) and Hannah von Heidegger placed 5th in the Grand Prix of Thermal in California, America


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