Topscores for our new dressage stallion Totilas x Lord Sinclair I

Nov 25, 2014 - 08:49

Our new 3 year old dressage stallion Totilas x Lord Sinclair I did a good 30 day stalliontest at Munster-Handorf. The stallion scored a 10 for his gallop in the trainingstest. The stallion finished in 6th place with an endnote for dressage of 8,96, and a 'zuchtwert' of 139. The stallion is now approved by Westfalen. He comes form the same family as Isabelle Werth's tophorse Bella Rose.


some of the following part numbers were:

Character 10
Leistungsbereitschaft 9,5
Konstitution 9
Trab 8,5 (einzelnote des trainings)
Galopp 10 (einzelnote training)
Schritt 9
Rittigkeit 9,5
Rittigkeit Fremdreiter 9,25
Interieur 9,13 (einzelnote merkmalsblocke)
Trab 8,25 (einzelnote merkmalsblocke)
Galopp 9,25 (einzelnote merkmalsblocke)
Schritt 8,75 (einzelnote merkmalsblocke)
Rittigkeit 9,38 (einzelnote merkmalsblocke)

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