Sosath's stallion show: "The horse creates unity worldwide"

Feb 12, 2015 - 09:50


"The finest riding”, “great presentation of the stallions”, “refreshingly candid and authentic” and “unique atmosphere”- the reviews of the Sosath Stallion show, which took place on Saturday night, were nothing but positive. Over 2500 guests attended the Stallion show last weekend and thousands more tuned in from over 60 different countries to the live streaming of the diverse and exciting performances by the 20 Sosath stallions.

The 4-year-old jumping stallions opened the evening. Campitello, by Cador, Naldo, by Nabab de Rêve and Casalido, by Casall presented their first course.

The 1c Premium Stallion of the OS-licensing was presented under saddle and demonstrated a great willingness to work and outstanding balance and suppleness. Flying changes were executed with no problems.

Especially exciting was the performance by 12-year-old Piet Menke, the next Hugo Simon. Piet presented his 7-year-old mare Cesha OLD, by Casiro-Lordanos. After an impressive course, Piet playfully took the microphone and told the audience that he couldn’t speak highly enough about his horse and how much fun he was having riding and showing the wonderful offspring of Casiro and Lordanos. Cesha OLD, her father, Casiro, and his son, Casirus were all shown on Saturday. Offspring and sire jumped and presented themselves incredibly well, giving a very perfect family picture!

The jumpers Casino Berlin, Coolio and Lord Cassini jumped a short course and impressed the audience with clear talents over fences.

Particularly interesting, was the revelation that Gerd Sosath, known mostly for his jumping sires is accumulating a strong number of dressage sires, which have earned him points in the dressage sector. After the show, Gerd Sosath admitted he was especially happy with the performance of his dressage stallions and believed it was the best dressage performance his station has made ever.

The four-year-old Florenz, by Florencio was especially extraordinary, with outstanding basic gaits, good transitions, an active hind-end and great character. The young stallion showed a lot of maturity and integrity during the show and seemed un-phased by the large crowd and activity around him. Antango, by Ampère, as well as San Riant, by San Amour and Franziskus, by Fidertanz were all shown under saddle.
The 3-year-olds, Honoré du Soir (photo) by Easy Game and Beniro by Bretton Woods showed great basic gaits and an impressive interieur.

The last impression of the night was a performance of the Sosath team and their over 100 volunteers. With the song "We are the world" and several flags of different countries, they showed the unity the horse brings: in the horse sport, all people are the same and different nations, cultures and religions are unimportant.

Breeders and other interested people can view the show in the archive section of Clipmyhorse and in Hof Sosath's youtube-channel (in a few days). There will also be a DVD of the full show available in the end of February.

The next events for the Sosath Stud: Open House on Saturday, 4th April at the stud in Lemwerder. There will be an exhibition dedicated to horse, rider, garden and hobby and everyone is invited. Interesting lectures will be given by specialists, kids can enjoy pony rides and there will be another presentation of the stallions, followed by the annual Lemwerder Foal championships. On Sunday, April 5th, the stable will hold its third “Easterball”, complete with a live band and buffet. Tickets are available for €49 and include entry, a welcome drink and a large Italian buffet. For more information, please visit www.sosath.com.

Photos: Kiki Beelitz: Casalido by Casall (jumping), Honoré du Soir by Easy Game (dressage) and the final performance of the Sosath team "The horse creates unity worldwide".

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