Zaire (s. Indoctro) wins Grand Prix Lummen

Apr 14, 2015 - 23:45

Zaire (s. Indoctro) and Guy Williams have won the Grand Prix of Lummen in Belgium. Dougie Douglas (s. Douglas) and Holly Gillott became 2nd and also won a 1.45m class.

U Chin van Schuttershof (s. Chin Chin) and Thierry Goffinet won a 1.45m class against the clock and Vinny Douglas (s. Douglas), ridden by Holly Gillott, won two 1.30m classes.


5th 1.45m class against the clock: Etoile Chin van Seven Oaks (s. Chin Chin), ridden by Geoffrey Cobbaut
8th 1.45m class: Caresse (s. Cardento), ridden by Annika Axelsson
10th 1.45m class: Douglas Hill (s. Douglas), ridden by Eddie Moloney
3rd 1.40m class: U Chin van Schuttershof and Thierry Goffinet
5th 1.40m class: Millioninmind (s. Douglas), ridden by Joseph Clayton
6th 1.40m class: Cavendish (s. Cantos), ridden by Niels Knape
9th 1.40m class: Cannavaro (s. Cardento), ridden by Angelie von Essen
6th 1.35m class against the clock: Honoust Lady (Chin Chin x Cascadeur), ridden by Chloe Vranken
5th 1.30m class: Bugsy Malone d´Hof Ten Bos (Corland x Farmer), gereden door Marine Lenoble


At the 1* jumping of Lummen Bonieta-V (s. Chin Chin) and Benedikte Endresen became 2nd in the Grand Prix.


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