Ayrton IV (v. Cantos) placed second in Nations Cup CSI Odense

May 18, 2015 - 17:10

During the Nations Competition in Odense, Aytron (s. Indoctro) was placed as second with rider Julie Andrews. They competed for the British Team. Vadette van het Mettenhof (s. Orame) was placed as third with the Italian Team. Vadette was ridden by Emanuele Bianchi. Javal Keltic Mist (s. Douglas) and rider Brian Curran Cournana competed for the Irish team en were placed as fourth. Fardon (s. Corland) and rider Anna Julia Kontio were placed twice in two different competition. They were placed as second and fourth in a 1.50m competition. Celestine (s. Cardento) and Satu Liukkonen were placed as tenth in a 1.50m competition.

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