The nearly perfect Derby

May 28, 2015 - 11:15


They have nearly shown the perfect Derby course: Carsten-Otto Nagel and Lex Lugar by Lordanos absolved the special course in a picture perfect way. But unfortunately, Lex Lugar needed a second run to jump down the big wall. That is why they had four penalty points on their result list and became fifth in total. For the very well ridden course, Carsten-Otto Nagel became a special prize for the finest riding.

Christian Glienewinkel won the 86th Hamburg Jumping-Derby with the only clear round of the day.

Carsten-Otto Nagel and Lex Lugar are spezialists for the Derby: The pair won in 2010, became runner-up in 2013 and third in 2014.

Lex Lugar is by Lordanos out of Feenmelodie by Landadel - Grandios and was bred by Willy Heineking, Stolzenau. Congratulations!

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