Hello Sanctos (s. Quasimodo vd Molendreef) 8th in Global Champions Tour Paris

Jul 6, 2015 - 22:54


Hello Sanctos (Quasimodo vd Molendreef x Nabab de Reve) and Scott Brash became 8th in the Global Champions Tour of Paris.

Amelia (s. Cantos) and her rider Karim El Zoghby won a 1.60m class.

7th 1.60m class: California (Corland x Ramiro), ridden by Bassem Hassan Mohammed
9th 1.60m class: Silvana (Corland x Widor), ridden by Kevin Staut
8eth 1.50m class against the clock: Quarto Mail (Cardento x Alligator Fontaine), ridden by Pilar Lucrecia Cordon Muro


@ picture: Hello Sanctos

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