Good prices for foals and horses in the Wolden Summer Sale 2015

Jul 20, 2015 - 17:31


Horses and foals were sold for good prices Saturday evening in the Wolden Summer Sale Auction. The topseller of the foals became the lovely filly Keralsina (Kannan x Heartbreaker), she got sold for € 10.500. The highest priced jumphorses in the auction were Egmond W (Zapatero x Goodtimes), Mr. Blue Boy D Z (Mr. Blue x Libero H) and Foklahoma VDL ( Nabab de Reve x Emilion). All three went out for € 80.000. Horses were sold to Dutch buyers but also there were international buyers from Ireland, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Zwitzerland and Mexico.


Kilimanjaro Arezzo x Indoctro € 7.000
Keralsina Kannan x Heartbreaker € 10.500
King Charisma x Cantos € 4.000
Kansas ST Quasimodo vd Molendreef x Caretino € 6.250
Kandice Diva Corland x Cardento € 9.750
Kensington Emilion x Indoctro € 7.500
Kivona HBC Charisma x Cantos € 4.000
Katosca HBC Dantos x Kroongraaf € 4.500
Kentucky Balia Charisma x L'Esprit € 4.500


Sporthorses :
Excelsior Diamant de Semilly x Carnute € 55.000
Feylin W Quidam de Revel x Cassini € 60.000
Frans H Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve x Lux € 60.000
Egmond W Zapatero x Goodtimes € 80.000
Elon HBC Cantos x Calvados € 65.000
Eleganto Indoctro x Ahorn € 77.500
Mr. Blue Boy D Z Mr. Blue x Libero H € 80.000
Quidam's Fleetwood Mac Quidam B Z x Furinos € 26.000
Fernando VDL Baltic x Cassini € 48.000
Foklahoma VDL Nabab de Reve x Emilion € 80.000


@picture: Mr Blue Boy

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