Celestine (s. Cardento) 6th in World Cup Qualifier Bratislava

Jul 28, 2015 - 14:26


Celestine (Cardento x King of Diamonds) and Satu Liukkonen became 6th in the World Cup Qualifier of Bratislava, Slowakije.

Angelotti (Indoctro x Laval II) and Bronislav Chudyba won a 1.50m class against the clock.


CSI 3* Ascona, Switzerland
Welfare (Pacific x Zortin) en Andrew Ramsay won a 1.35m class against the clock at the jumping of Ascona in Switzerland.

Caribo (Cardento x Athlet Z), ridden by Thomas Ryan, placed 3rd in a 1.50m class and Fardon (Corland x Mezcalero), ridden by Anna Julia Kontio, placed 3rd and 10th in two 1.50m classes.


@picture: Celestine

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