VDL offspring winning at Spruce Meadows

Sep 14, 2015 - 10:26


In addition to the unique performance of Quasimodo the Molendreef's son Hello Sanctos there were 6 other classes at Spruce Meadows won by offspring of VDL Stallions:

1st 1.40m: Unanime de la Haie (Corland x Ramiro), ridden by Will Simpson, they also placed 4th in another 1.40m class

1st 1.30m: Arista (Sheraton x Wagenaar), ridden by James Chawke

1st 1.30m: La Vie (Chin Chin x Cantus), ridden by Richard Spooner

1st 1.30m: Eloquent (Empire x Stanford), ridden by Rich Fellers

1st +2nd 1.20m: Mercury (Douglas x Diamond Chin), ridden by Chelsea Walsh

1st + 4th + 5th 1.20m: Dressel (Cantos x Solitair), ridden by James Chawke

More high placings where there for:
2nd + 2nd 1.30m Cavarola SM (Corland x Wellington), ridden by Chris Surbey
3rd 1.60m Zilversprings (Silverstone x Emilion), ridden by Elizabeth Gingras
4th 1.20m Chalan (Douglas x Kenwood), ridden by Michelle Bews Anderson
6th + 7th 1.50m Coup de Chance (Cardento x Darco), ridden by Elizabeth Gingras
8th 1.30m Capireena (Douglas x Master Imp), ridden by Andrew More
9th 1.40m Parette (Pessoa x Barinello), ridden by Lisa Carlsen


@picture: sire Corland

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